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I shared some ideas on telly the other day, my most important message being: don’t listen to any so called experts, you are your own best counsel!

Here’s the link to the show



Im Gespräch mit Michael Sporer



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New book!

Hello lovelies,

Exciting times! I’m in the finishing stages of a new book in German, the title is: Hurra ich bin kein Engel! Vom Abenteuer MenschSein.

More info soon! (Have to get back into the writing den to meet the deadline! 🙂

Love to you all,




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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Child Today

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Child Today.

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Von Busen und Menschen.

Von Busen und Menschen..

I repost this here as it strikes a chord – each to their own!
Love to all of you, see you over on Twitter or Instagram! Xx

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Happy new year my lovelies


We’ve moved house, and I’m doing new stuff. Like coming up with a new class, working title: love & freedom every day.
What else would you hope for, my appreciated readers? Drop me a line.
Love & best wishes!
Birgit x

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It’s been a while

my lovely readers. Here I am, back with song lyrics that currently inspire me.  (- performed by Tom Jones and Van Morrison when I first fell in love with them.) (the lyrics, not the performers that is 🙂 )

sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t.

sometimes we give, sometimes we won’t.

sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re wrong.

sometimes we cry.

sometimes we don’t even want to try.

sometimes we live, sometimes we die.

I love the matter-of-factness of it, just stating it as it is, no denying, no running away.

Looking at things just the way they are is a great skill.

The artwork’s title (featured in the blog caption) is “we are happy stars”, generously supplied by my daughter Nadia.

So all you happy stars out there, keep on shining.

talk soon & hope to see you

over on or pinterest/birgitmedele

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spring clearing


I adore this time of year, when the cold recedes, the sun comes out and the first flowers and blooms start to appear. Spring is a wonderful time to let go of the old, inviting the new into your life – in whichever format you want it to come: new friends, changes in the job, a move… So here’s my list of what has left the house so far: 1 bike, 1 pram, 1 small television, 1 hairdryer (the ‘spare’ one! :), one massage thingie, 11 books, some clothes, 1 large storage box + lid (always a very good sign, when storage items go!),  1 painting, several picture frames, 2 lamps – all these items are now with happy new owners, and I’ve regained space, clarity and this wonderful lightness of being that comes with every clearout…

what are you going to let go of?

Happy Clearing!



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