What (on earth) is an Organising Pro / Declutterer / Aufraeumcoach!?

Wibke Ladwig http://www.sinnundverstand.net/2013/02/05/blogparade-neue-berufsbilder/  has called for  contributions to a blogparade regarding the ever fascinating answer to the famous: ‘So, what do you do?’ – There are still people around these days who have proper jobtitles that everybody recognises instantly – but what about the rest of us? We are making it up as we go along, which is wonderful. Currently, I’m an “expert in all things letting go” (my latest attempt at describing what I do), and here’s how it all started.

At Uni I was the flatmate who got up the morning after the party and started to put the empty bottles back into their crates. I was never intimidated by chaos, no matter if it had been caused by festivities or life in general. To this day I find ‘putting things back in their place’ a very therapeutic and calming experience. I also never had a problem with letting things go, never hoarded possessions that I then had to drag with me when I was moving to another city or country. Both of those traits never occurred to me as a skill of course, until I ended up in London doing a Fine art degree at Central Saint Martin’s College. I realized that it is a struggle for many to keep afloat amidst all the things and papers surrounding them and ever since I have been fascinated by how to keep random stuff from encroaching on our space, and life. the art of letting go...

Paradoxically, I have found it to be essential for an organizer to be a people person. Things are never just things, they always have stories behind them. So organizing is far more than shifting stuff, it requires the awareness that the outside mirrors the inside . You need to be able to deal with feelings of frustration on part of the client, sometimes tears – basically the ‘stuff under the stuff’ that will inevitably surface once the clearing process is in full swings. My enthusiasm for the benefits of clearing is contagious and that greatly helps. I see organising as a hands on way of personal development and am very fascinated by that aspect and the psychology and philosophy that comes with it. – So my CV keeps expanding: trainer, coach, motivational speaker, author, expert… Soon I’ll be on telly which should be great fun – so take your pick: TV personality, F-list celebrity – here we come 🙂

Whizz over to www.clearofclutter.com or www.unbeschwert-leben.eu to find out more,

Happy clearing!


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5 responses to “What (on earth) is an Organising Pro / Declutterer / Aufraeumcoach!?

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  2. Are you really going to be on telly Birgit? I loved your book by the way. Kathy Taylor

    • I already was! German telly that is 🙂 – just at Munich airport at the moment, waiting to fly back after a weekend of events – exciting times…! – so glad you like the book! xx

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